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Stand out amidst competition, generate a trustworthy shopping environment for shoppers & increase brand engagement with 'Reviews and ratings' which act as social proof.

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Absolutely the best app for reviews, got all the functions I needed reviews, rich snippets, Q&As, feed for google shopping, out standing support thank you for being very patient with me and my too many requests all were addressed and answered professionally I won't regret switching from stamped because it is over priced and very poor support. Highly recommended

TAY Online Store

- United States


The best APP to collect reviews and excellent customer Service and support. I will recommend this App to any Shopify store if they are looking for a reliable, stable, best support App for their store. THANK YOU SUPPORT for excellent service.


- Canada


It is very easy to use. I am also one of the users. I have not encountered any problems. Even if there are problems, the customer service will solve them quickly.


- United States


Product tracks comments, questions and answers, sends out request for reviews. It is good and is worth adding to your site. We have used this on my site and I am happy with it.

Interiors by Elizabeth

- United States


We switched from Proviews support is amazing! Reviews imported, widgets set-up, connected feed to merchant centre and product review feed live all in under 24 hours. Awesome!

Rainbowpaws Rainbow Crystal

- Australia


Switched to this app from Yotpo after using Yotpo for 2 and a half years. Beyond satisfied. The support provided by their team, from setting up the account to infusing the reviews with our store, has been extraordinary. Kudos to the entire team.


- India


Great app for uour reviews developed by a strong development team and brand that already have built top-noth apps for Shopify. Great functionality to receive verified and honest reviews from customer through an email-response system, that ads the high level of accountability and transparency for the user and hence the store. Use it for 4 of my online stores, happy with the solution as well as the support. Strong recommendation.

- Poland


I only average one order per day on my store.I have been using this app for 2 weeks (I subscribed to basic pay plan after one week free). I have 6 reviews so far and one q & a. Love this, super easy to use. Installers were fast and ONLY required access. Installer did not need to ask me any questions. I got an email when they finished. I highly recommend this app. I am looking into their other apps as well.

Sziro Jewelry

- United States

Collect Reviews

with Robust Dashboard

Get a 360° view of All Reviews

A complete overview of the review request journey and the status of it for each product and review request sent.

Merchant managing reviews on her dashboard
Merchant managing reviews on her dashboard
Review widget management dashboard - Proviews App

Reviews Widget

Set up your review widget outlook, with live preview and
Zero technical jargon.

Coupons management dashboard - Proviews App

Complete Product

Get a complete summary of each product in one place for analysis

Question and Answer Section in dashboard - Proviews App

User Generated

Manage Questions and Answers from a single place with easy navigation options.

Rating feed management section - Proviews App

Rating Feed

Generate product rating feed for and market your product with reviews.

Coupons management dashboard - Proviews App

Collect More

An easy set-up to manage coupons from a single window and collect more reviews.

Display Features

Display Features

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Image of a leather shoe horizantalShoes thumbnailHorizontal shoe thumbnailQuestions list on product page of an online store
Image of shoes Image of a shoe being rated Shoes store interface mobile viewClose icon
Image of leather shoes Shoes store interface on mobileWhat our customers say page
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